If you have diabetes and live in a participating county, the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency offers a program to improve your health and save you money.


How it works

If you or your dependents are in PEIA's Preferred Provider Benefit Plan or are a non-Medicare retiree and have diabetes, you can sign up to participate in Face To Face Diabetes Program.

You will select a participating provider in your area. By signing the Participant Agreement form, you are stating that you agree to make regular visits to your provider for counseling services about your diabetes. You will also be expected to follow through on your agreed plan of care.

Saving Money

PEIA will waive co-payments for some diabetes-related prescriptions and supplies if you participate in the Program and keep your appointments while following your plan of care. This could save you hundreds of dollars.

Second Attempt

Members who either failed to comply or dropped out of the program may re-enroll after a 12-month waiting period, which begins on the date PEIA disenrolls you from the program. Second attempt participants will be given a maximum time limit of one year.



To apply for the Face to Face Diabetes Program, please fill out our application form. Before filling out the form, you will need to have available your Social Security Number, the primary cardholder's PEIA ID Number, and your physician's contact information.

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