PEIA Weight Management Program

It's time for a new approach to weight loss.
One that's better informed.
One that respects your individuality.
One that supports a healthy lifestyle.
It's time for PEIA Weight Management Program.

This program uses the services of exercise and nutrition professionals, in conjunction with professional phone counselors, to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes so that you may lose weight and improve your health. PEIA has developed a network of over 60 participating facilities (the listing may be found on the PEIA website) who have agreed to provide the required program services while also accepting our fee schedule. These facilities meet our health and safety standards, maintain the appropriate equipment, and offer accessible hours of operation.
To qualify for the weight management program, you must (This change in eligibility becomes effective July 1, 2011.)
  • have PEIA Preferred Provider Plan coverage;
  • have a Body Mass Index of 25 or greater; or
  • have a waist measurement of 35 inches or greater (for women) or 40 inches or greater (for men);
  • be ready to make permanent lifestyle changes and have the approval of your physician or nurse practitioner.

    This is how we differenciate ourself from other weight loss programs. We provide:

  • Individualized services from nutrition and exercise professionals;
  • Baseline assessments with periodic follow ups;
  • Personal training;
  • Phone coaching from professional counselors;
  • Access to a participating fitness facility which meets PEIA's health and safety standards; and
  • Up to two years of services so long as you demonstrate progress.articipants to seek support.

    It takes discipline, support and a willingness to change your lifestyle for good. Even a modest weight loss of 10% can lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. It can make activities of daily living easier like walking, tying your shoe laces, carrying the groceries, and playing with the kids. It can also help to improve sleep, lessen joint pain and alleviate depression.

    To apply for the PEIA Weight Management Program please click the button below and fill out the application.

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